Remember to Come up with Your Own Title
In an approximately 350-500 word, 3 paragraph essay, respond to the following questions:
Many people sometimes behave in ways that would normally be considered superstitious.
Describe a superstitious habit practiced by yourself or someone you know personally. In the first paragraph, explain the superstitious reason for the habit. How do you know that the habit is superstitious?
In the second paragraph, try to give a reasonable explanation, or a psychological explanation, for the habit in question.
In the third paragraph, consider how reasonable (or scientific/psychological) explanations and superstitions differ. Particularly, you might consider how they treat cause and effect?
How might these differences explain why superstitious beliefs still exist?
Grammar Reminder: At this point in the semester, you are responsible for correcting any problems with fragments, subject-verb agreement, verb tense, pronoun reference, comma splices, fused sentences, agreement issues, restrictive and non-restrictive clauses.
Note: Although this assignment does not require any research, if you do decide to do research for the essay, please provide a Works Cited page. The entire paper needs to be in MLA format.