Textual analysis

The book Bad Ideas About Writing contains essays about misconceptions that many students have about academic writing. After reading Jill Parrot’s “Some People are Just Born Good Writers” analyze how the author composed their argument. What is the essay’s purpose, or main point? What text structure does it implement? Is there repetition in the argument? Does the author make stronger use of logos, ethos, or pathos? What do you think creates the style or tone of the piece?
Your purpose is to not only understand what the author is saying, but how the author says it throughout the essay.
Your finished essay should identify the following components:
1- Of what is the author attempting to convince you? What is the main point?
2- How does the author attempt to convince you?
a. What rhetorical analysis (ethos, pathos, logos) is used?
b. What is the essay’s structure, style and tone?
3- Why is the author trying to convince you?
4- Is the author successful? Why or why not?
Your essay should be 2-3 pages, typed, double-space and in Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins.