The catcher in the rye (Holden’s Diagnosis Writing Task)

ANALYSIS: What are the problems (life, family, school, friendships and relationships) that Holden is
facing? You ought to find an extensive list of problems, because Holden has quite a few. He has been
thrown out of several schools, his grades are suffering, and he talks to his dead brother. There are many
other problems as well, but you get the idea. Essentially, analyze and evaluate what incidents, life
experiences, and situations you see as most influential to Holden’s distressed state. 
DIAGNOSIS: Holden may have problems, but are they symptoms of mental illness or are they problems
of a normal adolescent mind? Both? You must decide. There are causes for Holden’s problems. What are
they? Support your conclusions. What incidents in the book support your contentions? What, if
anything, do his parents have to do with what he is going through? Does D. B. have any part in this?
What about Holden himself? Please diagnose Holden’s problems to the best of your ability, and
ultimately conclude not only what exactly he is suffering from, but also elaborate on the symptoms
generally associated with what he is suffering from. Explain precisely how the behavior Holden exhibits
aligns with the various symptoms of any disorder and make a solid case for your diagnosis.
PRESCRIPTION: What do you recommend for Holden to improve his life? Assume you have no authority
to prescribe drugs. What life changing recommendations are you going to make for Holden, his family or
for any other character in the book? Essentially, this is an intervention, whereby you as the team of
doctors are prescribing ways to change Holden’s life for the better.
PROGNOSIS: What will happen to Holden if he follows your advice? What will happen to Holden if he
does not? Based on your team’s prescription, predict what Holden’s future may hold if he does AND does
not heed your informed advice. This is YOUR opportunity to save Holden Caulfield from his epic fall. How
will you do so?