Theatre for Women in Prison

  • Arial or Times Roman, 12 point font, 1″ margins, double-spaced.
  • Clear separation of specific addressed areas.
  • Must be in standard written English.
  • It must contain very specific wording, general statements will receive point deductions.
  • The paper must be submitted in the correct area to receive credit
  • Do NOT submit in vista or pages, use MS Word document ONLY.


You must use the paragraph format (stated below), other formats will receive zero points:

  • Only ONE submission per person. Check your document before you upload it, I will NOT take a second document. 
  • Minimum Word Count – 1000
  • Maximum Word Count – 2000

50 points possible.


The paper must include the following content and in the following order:


1. A specific introduction that defines your choice. Paragraph One (5 points)

2. A clear and specific explanation of why you chose the topic, points of interest as it relates to your life or career. Paragraph Two (5 points) (I will most liekly rewrite this paragraph since it is based off personal experience)

3. Discuss it’s place in history, social and political importance. How it’s relevant. Paragraph Three (15 points)

4. Share your findings by stating a main idea followed by a supporting statement and then providing examples. Paragraph Four (15 points)

4. Create a summary of the information, state your personal point of view and a reflection statement. Paragraph Five (5 points)

5. Make a closing statement.  Restate your initial ideas and how they have changed and how this could affect the theatre or community. Paragraph Six (5 points)

50 points possible.

Paper must include research sources.  Papers not including this information will receive zero points.  It is expected that various (at least two) sources with be used in gathering information and doing basic research. The two sources must be from content outside of the course content (do not use items from our text or course modules).