Topic questions

Following each question answer the question below and include 2 other sources. I have included the material from class. 

1.     What is the nature of an epidemic?
Historically in a specific context whatmeasures have been taken in response?

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2.    What was the transatlantic exchange and to what degree was thedevastation of native peoples accidental?  Which disease was mostdevastating?

3.    How do the Plagues of Galen & Cyprian (2nd & 3rd Century),Great Plague (14th Century) and cholera outbreaks in the 19th compare in impact, spread and social response?


4.    How does stigma play a role in epidemics? To what extent has HIVimpacted minority communities?


5.    How did cultural practices impact the spread of Ebola? 
What is the experience of an Ebola patientsocially (with or without treatment)?

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6.    COVID-19: Looking at age and sex distributions (worldometer),where is greatest risk? 

a.    What are key determinants of mortality risk?  Does schoolpolicy reflect risk?

b.    Do you have a theory on the difference between males and femalesin mortality patterns (sex ratio)?

c.    How does vaccine development for COVID-19 compare in speed toothers? 

d.    What origin and  treatment controversies have arisen and why?

Material from class: