Triple Bottom Line

  • Example for reading 2 – the Triple Bottom Line [profit, people, and the planet] has become a strong advocate on analyzing a firm’s commitment to society.  This also brings in how the senior decision makers in the firm review measures or KFI to determine the success of the firm [Balanced Scorecard].  How would you use your new degree as an executive in the corporation to ensure all measures are being embedded into the firm’s collective culture?
This is an evidence based learning environment. Discuss this paper and bring in various points from your Finance, Management and Marketing courses. Bring in a minimum of 3 references and use in paper citations.  APA 7th ed.
Suggested Format for research paper:
  • Page 1 – Coversheet, project title, school name, your name, my name, date
  • Page 2 – Table of Contents
  • Page 3 – Abstract
  • Pages 4 to 7 – Body. This includes your opening arguments – then solid data to support your argument
  • Page 8 – Conclusion – reiterate your original argument and then wrap up your conclusion that is supported from your data in the body
  • Page 9 – References – all your citations – where your data came from – remember this is APA 7th Edition
  • Page 10 to infinity – any graphs, charts, items that you feel are of value to your paper