Tucked In, Tucked Out


  • The Case Study entitled “Tucked In, Tucked Out” from Chapter 5 of the textbook (Byars, S. M., & Stanberry, K. (2019). Business ethics. OpenStax College and Rice University. Retrieved from: https://opentextbc.ca/businessethicsopenstax/.)
For the paper, answer the following questions:
  • How do you think clothing choices affect the relationships we form at work or in other business situations?
  • What is your opinion about workplace dress codes, and how far should employers go in setting dress and other behavior standards?
  • Why are these standards important (or not) from an ethical perspective?
  • How do you think clothing might affect an international companys approach to business ethics?

Be sure to use in-text citation and provide references for your sources, including textbooks.