Two Cornell Notes assignments

This assignment is to complete two separate Cornell Notes below (Welsing Chapter 1 and Chapter 2).  Cornell Note 1 is for Welsing Chapter 1, and Cornell Note 2 is Welsing, Chp. 2.
Cornell Note 1: Welsing, Chp. 1
Welsing, Frances Cress. "The Cress Theory of ColorConfrontation and Racism (White Supremacy): A Psychogenetic Theory and World Outlook" pp. 1-16. The Isis Papers, The Keys to the Colors. Chicago: Third World Press, 1991.
Cornell Note 2: Welsing, Chp. 2
Welsing, Frances Cress. "The Origin of Alienation, Anxiety and Narcissism," pp. 17-38. The Isis Papers, The Keys to the Colors. Chicago: Third World Press, 1991.
All four sections of the Cornell Notes must be completed correctly in order to receive credit. If any aspect of the Cornell Notes is not completed correctly, no credit will be given for the entire Cornell Notes assignment. If Cornell Notes are complete, you will be assessed on the quality of your written responses. Please review the video on how to create Cornell Notes. I have also included a Cornell Notes template so that you will have a clear understanding of what is expected, particularly in terms of required formatting. There must be a space between each line linking the "Main Idea" with the "Notes" – points will be deducted if the required format is ignored. You must link a Main Idea within the same row space(s) of a Main Note, and provide a row space between each row of a Main Idea and linked Main Note. Be sure to follow the video and template guidelines for all Cornell Notes.
To be clear, you must use the instructions in the video link as a guide, however, you must also include the following instructions for Cornell Notes. In the summary 1) an analysis of what is being summarized and 2) your own ideas about the points made in the summary. Please see the Cornell Notes template for clarity regarding formatting. 
Video link on how to create Cornell Notes:
I’ve uploaded the template and book (The Isis Papers, The Keys to the Colors) that requires the first two chapters. 
***Note:  I am an ESL student.  Would you mind writing this assignment as simple as I can understand?