uab rec center

Critique on, but not limited to, the following aspects when visiting a facility.  You may also use this as an outline for your site visit report.
Site Development: overall placement of facility in relation to location, neighborhood, and approach.
Site Orientation: consideration of direction and environment
Design/Structure: scoreboard, signage, advertisement, number of sessions/levels, types of
Seats, traffic flow, concessions, restaurants, etc.
Patron Facilities: access, lobby, seating site lines, signs and directions, restrooms, phones,
ATM machines, child care, special rooms, etc.
Fitness Facilities: accommodations/size, equipment, access, and any special considerations
Playing Surface: type (e.g., material), features and functions, special aspects and concerns
Operations: office, maintenance, finance, storage, court(s), pool(s), pro shop
Marketing and Merchandising: Branding and marketing throughout the facility.
Needs and Purpose: Does the facility adequately support the intended programs or the needs of the participants? What changes might you propose?
Any unique amenities that make the facility different or unique
Express your own opinion about the sites