Unfair Market Practices

Depending on your interest in economics, the best way forward is to connect theory to what is happening in the current environment. Also, I encourage you to utilize reliable sources such as those found in scholastic journals.
The source can also be a printed article from your local newspaper or from a magazine that you have read or any business report. But these articles must be current, within the recent six months. There are lots of printed documents available around us. For example, you can easily pick up a copy of the day’s newspaper which should have news about market practices. Or The Globe, Economist, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, or any other scholastic news sites to find an interesting topic surrounding the main theme.
Once you have found an appropriate source, the content is entirely yours, but you must be able to reproduce a written summary, critique, or opinion of the main article. No cut and paste allowed, but you can paraphrase with proper citation and referencing to the source. Produce at least three paragraphs in the body area of the written document. A paragraph must contain three to four sentences within a five line- paragraph.Write a one-page report with a cover page. 
Use what, why, where, when and how to pen down your thoughts. Write down the interesting part you would like to share with the audience. Next step is to rewrite the questions as statements and the answers become the body or content of your written work. You want to be able to transform your curiosity into an interesting story. You are to write a minimum of one page in font size 11, font type Arial, and font color black. All paragraphs must be separated by one single blank line. There must be a separate cover page included in your submission. Margin 2.5 cm on all sides. Submission must be on time before deadline.