Unit 5 Assignment Developing an Education Attainment Policy

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):
Develop institutional, local, state, and/or federal policy initiatives.
Healthcare administrators are responsible for analyzing the efficacy of internal policies, and determining when new policy development is needed. For this assignment, you will conduct research on education and degree attainment as it relates to healthcare organization policy. Use the following information to complete this assignment:
Assignment type: Podcast (audio) and written outline
Your role: Healthcare administrator, policy development specialist.  
Your audience: Other healthcare administrators, clinical medical professionals, health policy advocates.
Required Podcast content: Explain how administrators can develop an education attainment policy within their organization. For example: requiring a BSN for all non-entry level RN employment. Include information that speaks to your research on the topic, influencing factors (internal and external), barriers and risks, benefits, goals and objectives, etc.
Required Outline content: Create an outline that summarizes key points of your podcast. This does not need to be a word-for-word script.
APA: A minimum of three references should be included to support your content.