video documentary analyze

watch the video answer the following questions. specific answer.


1) Considering the banana documentary, name the key agents that are part of the bananaindustry. Explain what an agent is.

2) Explain how the behaviors of banana producers, and banana consumers, can beconsidered in the context of ethics. It would be good to mention some of the harms andoutcomes here.
3) Explain how the utilitarian theory would say that the bananas are good for the world (think about the market, and the benefits of bananas).
4) Bananas are very cheap for the consumer. The philosopher Kant would disagree with the utilitarian approach in this situation. Kant talked about moral obligation when someones rights are violated. If consumers were told that bananas could be produced in a way that would cost more, but be healthier for farm workers, how might this fit into a Kantian way of approaching bananas?

5) How do you think consumers, andsociety as a whole, get to a point where they understand the problem of bananas?