week 6 discussion

Write a paragraph responding to the following questions. You paragraph should incorporate at least two quotes from the reading or resources above to support your thinking, and remember to unpack the quotes in your own words:

  • What is one recommendation you would give to caregivers about supporting language development? Be specific! 
  • What is an example of a caregiver enacting this recommendation? For example, describe a game, activity, or something a caregiver might say. Again, be specific. 
  • What evidence from the readings/resources supports your recommendation? Provide at least 2 sources of evidence (e.g. the WA State Guidelines and the Bachleda & Thompson article, the website: https://www.nad.org/about-us/position-statements/position-statement-on-early-cognitive-and-language-development-and-education-of-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing-children/) to support your recommendation. Remember to quote, cite, and unpack your quotes in your own words. 
Note:  the WA State Guidelines (go to page 36!)