week 6

Many recent breaches have involved payment card systems, otherwise known as point of sales (POS) terminals. The regulations and standards for POS systems is called the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS).


  • Go to  to research recent POS breaches from within the last three years and explain, based on your reading in class, what occurred. Be sure to cite your sources and your textbook.
  • Explain why or why not you think the breach was preventable, as well as the overall impact the breach had on the business.
  • In your opinion, if the breach was preventable and the company is found responsible, should they be given a monetary penalty or should stricter legal action be taken, such as jail time? Justify your answer.
  • Suggest or recommend any tool that could help to maintain compliance.
  • Share examples with your classmates and provide links to any useful resources you find.