weeks 6 discussion 2

You are the division manager of a company with four departments. Your company evaluates department managers on the basis of return on investment (ROI), with investment measured by net book value (that is, original cost minus depreciation). You have a favorite person you want to put in a place where she can achieve a high ROI. You know if she is the manager of the older division, where the net book value is low, she will achieve a high ROI.

Post a discussion of 2–4 paragraphs about the ethics of this scenario. Consider for your post:

  • The ethics of what you are about to do.
  • The ethics of not bringing the measure of ROI with the investment defined as net book value to the attention of management.
    • What is your "return on investment" to your current or potential employer?
    • How can you continue to demonstrate your value to enhance your career?
    • Identify a professional achievement you are proud of. Using the CARD model, draft an accomplishment statement that showcases this achievement
      clearly and concisely and add it to your resume.
    • How does your resume present your value to a potential employer? See the resources in the Career Center on building a dynamic resume.