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Week 5 Discussion

Computer simulations have been important whendecision-making for a long time. Breaking down complex systems into models hasmade it easier to understand the long-term performance of these systems. Usingcomputing power to create a simulation can help in the creation and even designof complex systems. Parallel computing is quicker and more efficient. Thissaves time by having the computer execute code faster. Computationalmodels are typically made of already existing information or data. Thisallows a large number of simulated tests to be run. This is helpful whenkeeping track of data. I think the risk is not worth it. Creating the models isdifficult, but the data is helpful. However, this process can be verycostly. 

Video games are amodern innovation. As time goes on, these games become bigger and better. Alarge number of people do get addicted to playing these games. Being addictedto playing video games means you may play instead of doing necessary things ineveryday life. Things like showering, eating, working, and school. Video gamesare mostly addictive because of the chemicals released into the brain whenplaying them. This creates the strive to play again and again. Gaming companiesare not worried about making gaming less addictive. This would most likely cutprofits. Some ways they could make it less addictive would be to set a timelimit. Setting a limit would force people to play a limited time a day, week,or month. I think a big way to cut gaming addiction is to teach the trade-offof playing too much. If you are spending all of your time playing video games,that’s less time you may be working or doing schoolwork. 

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Computers allow peopleto simulate situations that wouldnt be able to be tested otherwise, as well astrack patterns and results over longer periods of time to help solveproblems (Dale & Lewis, 2019, p. 455). Simulations help examine howany number of objects might interact with each other in any given situation ina much more efficient way than trying to test a situation in real-time.  Parallelcomputing can aid in simulations because multiple situations or tasks could besimulated at once, making it much easier to compare results against each other.Although computational models might be expensive to create, the cost could bewell worth it in certain situations. For example, a company might want to testits new self-driving car in simulations before having a person behind the wheelin the real world to test it. If they didnt, they could potentially lose a tonof money paying for mistakes, not to mention the safety of the driver.

Parrott and Rogersdiscussed gaming as an addiction and the steps that the World HealthOrganization took in regard to the issue by officially naming gaming disorderas a mental illness in 2019 (2020, p. 815). This decision was based on thesimilarities it has to other addictions, such as impaired reasoning and thetendency to choose to game over other responsibilities (Parrott & Rogers,2020, p. 828). I think the gaming industry should work towards educating theirconsumers on the dangers of developing an addiction by including warning labelson their products, just as the makers of cigarettes and alcohol have to do.They should also provide resources for those who think they have developed aproblem.


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