Writing Assignment

FIRST: Read Excerpt below. 

SECOND: Concentrate on doing analysis; tell what the author MEANS, what his message is.

THIRD: Write your response in the box below. You do NOT have to cite. Use at least five excerpts (or quotes from the reading) to support your interpretation. Put the quotes or excerpts into quotation marks and be sure to introduce your excerpts carefully. *Stay focused; tell what the author MEANS (not what happens); you are doing analysis NOT summary. *Do NOT JUST retell what happens. *Lay out the message, Describe the author’s main point, the point he gets across. *Tell a lesson (or two) that the reader learns.

FORTH: Save your response as a file on your device. SUBMIT! Submit your response by clicking "Submit quiz." This is an ASSESSMENT assignment which will help me, your instructor, and you, the writer see which skills you need to work on and polish to pass English 1A.  

PLEASE REMEMBER TO stay focused. The author makes many points and you cannot cover all of them. Pick a focus and expand your interpretation. I suggest you start with "The college graduate narrator drives home the point that……"(avoid the author tells how; or avoid the author talks about how and AVOID the author talks "about"…)