Provide a brief description of the four theoretical perspectives/orientations of our course: social constructionism, symbolic interactionism, intersectionality, and queer theory. You should use your own words to describe/define each theoretical perspective and how you understand it. You should be sure to use academic literature to provide evidence for your definition.

After describing each of these theoretical perspectives in your own words, consider the case of Caster Semenya. Review the articles and video materials provided in class to ensure you are familiar with the details and context of the case study. Feel free to review other materials. 

Then, choose one of the four theoretical perspectives and use it as a lens to understand the Caster Semenya case. How does your chosen theoretical perspective help you understand the case, the coverage and related discourse(s), and what may be being overlooked by all parties/stakeholders involved (e.g. media, sports officials, athletes)? What additional thoughts or questions emerge for you as you use your chosen theoretical lens to analyze the details of the case? What recommendations do you have for the stakeholders in the case (or how might you have done things differently as an actor) as a result of your chosen theoretical orientation?