you are writing a 600-800 word essay on the connections between Cohen’s Seven Theses on Monster Culture and Jordan Peele’s Get Out.

For this essay I want you to imagine you are the director of Get Out and, before making your film, you have just read Cohen’s 7 Theses on Monster Culture. You are very impacted by Cohen’s ideas and want to use some of them in your film. Which ones do you use and why? How can you use some of Cohen’s ideas to express your own ideas about monster culture and race politics in America?  

The essay should make connections between Cohen’s seven theses and Peel’s film. After these connections are made, the key part of the essay should tell the reader how these connections help you gain greater understanding of the film. In other words, if Cohen’s theses are the theory, then Peele’s film is the practice of that theory. 

You can make as many connections as you like but keep in mind that details are key to this essay. You want to avoid quick ‘lists’ of connections and instead take your time with details within Cohen and Peele. 

I would say, given the length of the essay, you should concentrate on one or two (maximum) of Cohen’s theses.