Overview: Sampling and coupons are an important part of marketing communications and effective promotions. Sampling can be found in many different grocery stores and other types of stores. One might see a worker cooking a sample pizza or handing out trial size bottles of a new lotion or perfume. While it can be expensive, sampling can be quite effective. 

Scenario: In this assignment, you will write a business memo to report back to your boss (Mr. Donaldson, Marketing Director) what you found when sampling the competition’s product. You will go to a local supermarket or grocery store and take part in sampling a product. You will also see what coupons are available for products or through flyers in the store. (Alternatively you may reflect upon a time when you sampled a product at the store, or go to a music/video store on the Internet.)

In a 2-page business memo with additional current APA style title and reference pages, make sure you use correct Standard English grammar and spelling and that your presentation is original, logical, insightful, and well-organized.


  • State the purpose of the sampling.
  • Explain how the sampling of the product as well as the coupons (in the aisle if an on-ground store) impacted your desire to buy the products being offered.
  • Discuss the types of coupons offered as well as how it was offered.
  • Describe the way the sample was offered to the public and whether this was effective or not, supporting your claim with either information from your text or the Library and include the in-text citation and the accompanying reference on the references page. (See the reading area APA guidance link.)
  • Explain whether you purchased the product due to the coupon or sample and why.