Criteria for Essay #2

Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to express your opinion over Amy Chua’s style of parenting, Tiger Mom parenting. You will be entering into the conversation, via an academic essay, using the Learning Materials from Module 2 to support your opinion. Your opinion will be your thesis. It will be located in your opening, the introduction. The points you make will be supported from the outside sources found in this module’s Learning Materials. Based on at least three readings in “The Roar of the Tiger Mom” chapter, write a persuasive essay in which you take one of the following positions over Chua’s parenting style:

  1. The “Tiger Mom” parenting style is more likely than the Western parenting style to produce happy children who grow up to be happy, productive adults 
  2. The Western parenting (any method other than Tiger Mom parenting) is more likely than the Western parenting style to produce happy children who grow up to be happy, productive adults
  3. Both options may work, in varying degrees, to produce happy children who grow up to be happy, productive adults
    • Note: this option lets you take ideas from both styles to create a thesis/essay that fits your own, custom idea of a successful parenting style

No matter your opinion, you will be supporting it with the articles from chapter 10 in Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum

Remember, if you do not feel comfortable writing about parenting specifically, try to relate the parenting styles mentioned into other areas such as: 

  • education
  • work
  • career options

This is your essay and you can use the material to your own liking, just relate your thesis to the sources in the Tiger Mom chapter.

Skills: The assignment will support your skills that are necessary to write an essay that persuades, using source material from our textbook only; no outside sources allowed. Refer to the Essay Rubric for specific grading criteria.

Knowledge: This assignment will help you consider your own opinions about parenting and how parenting relates to creating a positive impact on children and their possible adult outcomes.

Task: Follow these steps.

1. Read the assigned selections in the “Roar of the Tiger Mom” chapter of our textbook. See Learning Materials.

2. Decide whether you lean toward the “tiger mom” parenting style or the “western” parenting style, and consider why.

  • Remember, you can decide to agree with both or neither too. The thesis is based on your opinion.

3. Write a 1200-word essay that makes your opinion clear. Your thesis should present your opinion, using the language of an academic paper (no “in my opinion” or “I believe”). The essay should discuss why you lean toward one parenting style or another and should use details and quotes from at least 3 of the readings to support your opinion.

Stay away from using first person pronouns (I, my). Stay away from second person pronouns (you) too. Instead, you will want to express your essay without saying phrases like:

  • “In my opinion”
  • “I think”
  • “I feel”
  • “When thinking about this topic, I”

4. Use MLA documentation, 5 in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Use model #30, pg. 184 in your handbook for the Works Cited entries.

5. Edit/proofread. Remember, your writing tutor visit should give you some insight into areas of improvement and areas of strengths of your previous rough draft. Revision is important in the writing process. 

6. Submit via the Assignment Dropbox before the deadline, 11:59 p.m.

Criteria for Success

A successful essay:

  • Meets basic requirements of the assignment
  • Has been written by the student submitting the essay, for this class, and for this semester,
  • Does not contain plagiarism of any kind
    • Academic dishonesty is an offense of the NSCC Student Code of Conduct, punishable by a failing grade or zero
  • Has a clear thesis, main ideas, and pattern of organization
  • Has been carefully edited and proofread to minimize grammatical and other editing errors 
    • These can be remedied by editing and with Writing Tutor visits and peer reviewing
  • Follows MLA style and guidelines (spacing, indent, margins, etc. )
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