Business management assignment

Swim Lane – Purchasing Process Mapping Exercise – Group Project
With your group.-  (to be announced in Blackboard a few days after class registration for this course)
  1. Select a company or organization you have access to and is interested in mapping their “Purchasing” process. 
  2. Interview the players involved with the Purchasing process, for the selected organization, to determine & describe the major steps they follow in
    part or all of their Purchasing process.
  3. Follow the swim lane mapping methodology to create the selected organization’s “Purchasing Process Map”. (Create your maps in EXCEL/WORD or PWPT)
  4. Upload final version of your map to Blackboard
  5. Be prepared to present and discuss in class. 

Make sure to identify all the players involved in the tasks selected and keep the process steps and your description as much as possible at the same level of detail.

Again, you may focus on all or part of the purchasing process for the selected organization.  You may also decide to map the purchaisng process for just one type of purchase. (Ex. Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supply (MRO) purchases, Direct Material purchases, Sub-Contract purchases, External Services or Capital Expenditures)

All group members should participate. If you have any question please let me know. The swim lane mapping technique will be discussed in our sessions of the  week of Jan 24, 2022.