Analysis on Subway sandwich

The SWOT Analysis Writing Assignment



Prepare a comprehensive SWOT analysis (1-2 pages, bulleted or similar format) on SUBWAY Sandwich shops. Comprehensive means eight (8) points per box. Comprehensive means including the reality of Covid-19, so just trying to fill in the boxes because you do one google search is not going to get you the A for the assignment.


You must provide a minimum of eight points per box. It is a simple four (4) box matrix so no points for graphic creativity. If you have not been to a subway shop in a while, then go order something and go through the process. What needs to change? What works? What threats loom on the horizon that the management team must anticipate? How was the service?

(You can go to their website and try and order something?, This is how marketing works, you have to put yourself in the customer experience role )

SWOT is a fundamental management tool that many organizations use to help clarify their organizations market position. It is an easy tool to understand. The difficult part is filling in the boxes.

Use the 4 Ps as a guide. For example- is the product still relevant in the marketplace. Do any new products/food offerings need to be introduced? Is the price still competitive in the marketplace? Is the current dcor inviting to our customers? Does Subway need to revamp home/office delivery- especially during this time?


If you determine to add menu offerings how will that impact our store operators- can we actually offer a product better than our competitors do.


 Do not forget about Jared and his troubles.

This just a few questions help you get started. This is an exercise to get you to begin to begin to learn to analyze any profit or non-profit organization. Just doing a simple Google search and filling boxes without the experience part doesnt give the full customer engagement process.

You cannot exceed 12% on the Turnitin evaluation.

the four p are price, place, product, and promotion.