The minimum wage in the United States is set by federal law and mandates the lowest hourly rate an employee must be paid. This rate is not subject to annual cost-of-living adjustment and the current rate of $7.25 per hour has not been changed since being set over 9 years ago. Many state and local governments, especially in high-cost regions around New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle, have recognized the hardship the minimum wage places on families and through local fiat established what is often called a living wage. Under this, an hourly wage is defined for that locality that will allow the worker to meet their basic needs, such as food, housing, and clothing. Some areas actually tie the living wage to family size as well, meaning this hourly rate would be higher for someone with children than a single individual.

The city council is considering a proposal to establish a 2-tiered living wage for your city, where single individuals will earn $11.50 per hour and individuals with children being paid $18.75. The council also plans to have this wage tied to the consumer-price index (CPI), meaning it will be subject to annual upward cost-of-living adjustment.

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For the Original Post* you are a social worker for the state and have worked with low-income individuals and families for over 25 years. Council members supporting this measure have asked you to speak at the council meeting and explain why this should be done. Why would this be a good move for taxpayers and what hidden benefits will be realized?

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For your Reply Post* your family has owned a small restaurant for over 60 years and employs over 100 staff and servers, with approximately 75% of them earning minimum wage. You are President of the Chamber of Commerce and the group has asked you to voice businesses concerns if such an action were implemented. Specifically, why is this not a good move for taxpayers and what are the hidden costs that will be realized should this be approved?

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 As an owner of a small restaurant you will be arguing against the living wage. Remember you must not only argue your case as to why you are against this you must produce counter arguments .