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STEPS IN THE DISCUSSION BOARD ASSIGNMENT BELOW!!!!!*TITLE EACH SECTION AS YOU SEE BELOW, Section one, section two, etc.Responses, etc.*Break down initial write up into FOUR SECTIONS or PARAGRAPHS- Minimum400 Words for Initial Write-Up Part One*****SECTION ONE: VIDEO TOPIC, CONCEPTS and PRINCIPLESState specific DETAILS from the video, case study or article posted. NOT generalstatements. Extrapolate the main ideas and state them. Example: A video onLEADERSHIP deals with the viewpoints/manifestation of a CEO of XXX company. Howhe/she runs their company. WHAT ARE THE MAIN TOPICS, CONCEPTS ORPRINCIPLES FROM THE VIDEO?******SECTION TWO: TEXT INTEGRATION. (Only if a SYNCHRONIZED chapter)IF Synchronized to chapter/module: Refer to Specific DETAILS from the text whichsupport or contrasts (theories, concepts, and principles) what you extracted from theVideo/Article/Case Study. Use in your analysis. Example: Theories of leadershipconcepts and principles which SUPPORT the video, case or article.******SECTION THREE: ARTICLE RESEARCH OF VIDEO TOPIC FROM INTERNETOR HCC LIBRARY DATABASES.Title of Article , Publication, Web Link:EXAMPLE: Title-Are you a Manager or a Leader? Publication-Forbes. Web Link:https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckswoboda/2020/03/02/are-you-a-manager-or-aleader/#7b52b692123eUnderneath title and link give specific details from article that relates to themain video, article or case study. Not just a vague or general statement.Do not CUT and PASTE the details. Use the DETAILS from the articles tosupport/contrast what you extracted from the main video or article. Use quotes if doingso from the article.Research MUST be from a BUSINESS Publication. Do NOT use books or nonbusiness sources. NYT, CNN, Wikipedia, Time, Newsweek, Huffington Post, ETC areNOT business publications. Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Business,Fortune, Wall Street Journal etc. ARE business publications. If you are NOT sure youare using a business publication, ask Google if it is.****SECTION FOUR: YOUR CONCLUSION based on FACTS and OPINIONDO NOT CITE VIDEOS/ARTICLES SOURCES AND TEXT AGAIN. That is a given. Justrefer to them. We know where they are.RESPONSES To Two Students- Part Two:INSTRUCTIONS for RESPONSES to TWO students:USE FACTS from your initial write up above to support/contrast/challenge THEIR initialwrite up. DO NOT JUST agree or disagree. You need to support with facts and detailsnot short bursts of emotional opinions Responses need to substantive and detailed notbrief blasts. Refer to the text/modules and your researched articles to support.