Emerging Technologies Workgroup Proposal | Part 2 – Strategies

  1. Based on the business needs identified in Part 1 – Case Analysis, write a report that summarizes strategies and solutions to meet the identified needs.

    1. Conduct research to identify a solution to improve organizational efficiency related to: 
      • People 
        • Analysis of any ethical implications of solutions 
        • Collaborative/virtual workgroups 
      • Technology 
        • Security 
        • Networking 
        • Privacy 
        • Cloud solutions 
      • Processes 
        • Collaboration 
        • Communication 
        • Connectivity 
    2. Based on your research, present a summary of proposed strategies and solutions, including:
      • Description of the strategy and solution, and how it will address the identified needs 
      • Rationale on the proposed solution using evidence from 5-8 sources, including at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources 
        • Check the Tips for Validating Sources (opens in a new window)  aid for more information on sources 
        • Explanation of any potential limitations for the proposed strategies and solutions 
    3. References (in APA format) 
      • Create a reference list for all works cited
    4. Previous paper is attached