english vocabulary (study and evolution of the english language)

Part A

Analyze the following passages by looking up the underlined lexemes in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Online Etymological Dictionary and reporting on their lexical structure (prefixes, suffixes, etc.), origins, and word history (both their immediate source and ultimate etymological source). Note when the words came into the English language and check the Historical Thesaurus; then, report on the semantic field of the underlined words and what other possible synonyms were available to the authors at the time they were writing.

Submit a list of each underlined word with your analysis of the word in either sentence or point form.

Margaret Atwood, Penelopiad (2005)

Finally, there he was, concocting the stratagem of the wooden horse filled with soldiers. And then the news flashed from beacon to beacon Troy had fallen. There were reports of a great slaughtering and looting in the city. The streets ran red with blood, the sky above the palace turned to fire; innocent boy children were thrown off a cliff, and the Trojan women were parcelled out as plunder, King Priam’s daughters among them. And then, finally, the hoped-for news arrived: the Greek ships had set sail for home.

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (1817)

How great was her disappointment! The important affair, which many words of preparation ushered in, had been foreseen by them both ever since her brother’s arrival; and all that they felt on the occasion was comprehended in a wish for the young people’s happiness, with a remark, on the gentleman’s side, in favour of Isabella’s beauty, and on the lady’s, of her great good luck. It was to Catherine the most surprising insensibility.

Part B

The etymologies of the names of the American states are listed and discussed on page 155 of the Crystal textbook. Do the same for the Canadian provinces (Hint: Use the Online Etymological Dictionary, looking up the elements that make up some of the names separately), then give a summary of the sources of these names.