**A big theme in the popular debate concerningthe environment (and one about which we will read) deals with natural places.During the twentieth century the United States began to conserve land on alarge scalecreating national parks and monuments and preserves. Many parts ofthe world have taken similar action or created variations on this theme.

**In our own class weve got significantdiversity in terms of our different relationships to the landsome of us grewup farming, some next door to protected lands, some of us have lived livesentirely within an urban setting. Our collective experience and attitudes andapproach are quite different. What are your own feelings and views with regardto natural space?

**find, reference & discuss an article (either scholarlyor from a reputable news source) addressing the connection between naturalplaces or contact with other species, and human well-being.

**(im going use Great FallsPark National Park Service site in Virginia as a setting)