Ethics Discussion

Ronald Crump is a former student in Professor Derby’s CCJ 4054 Ethics in the Justice System Class who passed with an A++ and was one of Professor Derby’s top students.  Crump was able to parlay his successful completion of an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice into a high paying career as a Special Investigator at the FBI.  Trust me this is no easy feat, especially since the hiring process is so selective and consists of numerous tests, evaluations, and interviews about integrity, criminal history, and honesty.  After several years on the job, the FBI found out that Crump cheated in professor Derby’s class by plagiarizing assignments and searching for quiz and test answers on the internet and by asking friends who already took the exams.  Crump was subsequently terminated from his employment at the FBI because he was no longer a credible witness in courtroom testimony when he is in a profession held to a higher ethical and moral standard, and for not disclosing this during his hiring process.  Discuss is Ronald justified? is he ethically wrong or right?