Intellectual Property Homework Assignment

Intellectual Property Homework Assignment You are an entrepreneur and just started a new business in the restaurant industry. The business must be hypothetical (madeup) for this assignment. Please propose a plan for protecting your hypothetical intellectual property (IP). Your plan should consist of the following information. Please keep in mind that you may find that some categories are more applicable than others. This is perfectly acceptable as long as you analyze each category.

Trademark Protection: Start by demonstrating your understanding of what subject matter trademark protects. Survey the subject matter that would receive trademark protection in your hypothetical restaurant business. Patent Protection: Explain what types of inventions are patent eligible. In your business, explain whether you would have any items that would have patent protection. You may also comment on whether you need to apply for a patent. Feel free to use your imagination in thinking about potential inventions that may be applicable in a restaurant. Copyright Protection: Generally, list the types of works that may receive copyright protection. Survey the types of items in your business that may receive this protection, if any. Trade Secret Protection: Demonstrate your understanding of trade secret protection. Would this type of protection be applicable to your business? Why or why not? If applicable, describe what steps your business might take to keep this protection. Distinguish between the types of protections: Give a brief overview of your understanding of how the above protections are different. Then discuss which type of protection is most applicable to your business. Before writing the essay, please review the videos in the IP module which can be found under the following titles: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets. If you research and use other source(s) for this assignment, you must cite them in your paper. The essay should be about one page and no more than two pages in length, single spaced. It must be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman.