Excel Assignment

You are an intern trying to keep track of who attended which leadership session, and what amounts you need to collect yet for everyone.  Because you are new, you are trying impress your boss, so you want to put together an easy to read report that you can present later.  Download Lesson_5_Excel.xlsx  Download Lesson_5_Excel.xlsxand make the following changes:

1) Put an X to mark the appropriate cells to show that everyone in Sales and HR attended Part 2

2) Highlight the cells and fill the cells with Red containing the names of the individuals in Claims that did not attend Part 3

3) Format Column J to be ‘Currency’ with 2 decimal places.  Be sure it includes the $ automatically.

4) Each individual must pay $25 for each session they attended.  Using a formula, fill Column J with the total owed for sessions attended, subtracting anything already paid.

5) Sort the entire file (except the headers) A-Z by Last name 

6) Add a filter to all Columns

7) Bold ‘Total Paid’

8) Add conditional formatting to the First Name cell for anyone in Accounting that did not attend Part 2, so that the name is Red if they did not attend and Green if they did

9) Change the last name ‘Crocker’ to your professor’s last name