Financial Risks and securities

In this task we will investigate financial risk.

Research financial risk and securities.

  • Read the following chapters from your textbook: Chapters 6, 7
  • Read Part 5 (chapters 14-18) of 
  • Watch Section 4 of the LinkedIn Learning course:  
  • Read Study Session 13-16 of 

Choose a company for your final project and conduct substantial research. You will also need to create the following:

  • Review the Business Plan for the company. If you do not have access to the business plan, research all elements of the plan. Summarize the company’s story.
  • Name and describe the innovative product or service you wish to focus on. (It should be a real product or service)
  • Conduct a financial analysis of the company. Create an infographic, depicting an overview of the company’s financial report.
  • Investigate which types of Instruments the company uses to manage financial risks. Create an infographic, describing each instrument and how the company uses each instrument