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PART 1 (200 WORDS)

The ongoing transformation of the healthcare delivery system is significantly impacting the healthcare workforce. For example, in response to Covid19, there is a critical need to develop effective strategies to assure the availability of a sufficiently sized and well-trained health workforce to care for patients during the pandemic. Historically, the number and type of public health workers needed to depend on such factors as ‘the health priorities of the population, ‘the availability of healthcare services,’ and ‘the social and political allocation of responsibility between government and the private sector.

In your opinion,  HOW  would these factors change NEAR FUTURE and, as a result, would impact the public health workforce?

PART 2 (200 WORDS)

 Read the Case, A Friends Dilemma. Fill out the Framework for Ethical Decision-making (click here  Download here) and answer the following questions. Use the Framework for Ethical Decision-making posted on Canvas. It will be a good resource for your decision. If necessary, refer to other supplementary readings uploaded on Canvas.

What should Stacy do in her situation? Your brief answer should include

  • a) identify an ethical issue
  • b) clarify personal and professional values
  • c) clarify influencing factors and barriers
  • d) identify ethical and legal principles
  • e) analyze alternatives (including an argument for & against)
  • f) decide with your rationale.
see pdf file below for the case