Hurricane Katrina Assessment Memo

In a two page memo, assess how leadership and decision-making issues contributed to the failures of Hurricane Katrina. 

I. Opening Segment
The introduction or opening paragraph should briefly discuss the memo’s purpose, context, and problem. The memos purpose will help clarify why the audience should read this document. Before providing the 
reader with details and the context, give the reader a brief overview of the memo.
II. Leadership and Decision-Making Issues
What are the leadership issues, and how did the leadership and decision-making issues contribute to 
Hurricane Katrina’s failures? Were top-level leaders effective or efficient in the decision-making process? Was information evaluated before and during the crisis, and did decision-makers miss opportunities? Were consequences evident from top-level officials and other actors decision behavior? Did the leadership 
compromise and enhance in crises?
III. Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Decision-Makers
What ethical or moral dilemmas did decision-makers at all levels face due to the crisis? Discuss or
describe the choices by first responders, health care providers, and what victims faced with limited 
resources. Give examples and discuss the implications of these decisions on the fate of individuals, 
communities, and perhaps the global community.
IV. Pre-Existing Issues that Exacerbated the Crisis
What pre-existing issues within the political-administrative environment contributed to or worsened the 
crisis? Why were the issues not addressed? Were policymakers able to overcome these pre-existing 
challenges to resolve or contain the crisis?
V. Lessons Learned
Every crisis offers a vast reservoir of experiences and lessons for future crisis planning and training. 
Discuss the political and organizational lessons learned from this crisis. How can these lessons be 
translated into revised organizational practices, policies, and laws?
VI. Closing Segment
The closing segment or conclusion should summarize the key points of the memo, be courteous, includes the action, and discuss how the reader will benefit from the desired actions and make those actions 
Reference Page  (At least 3 references)
Rubric is attached for this assignment is attached