Identifying Context, Content, and Users

Identifying Context, Content, and Users


  • Describe and evaluate information organization systems
  • Demonstrate ability to translate key concepts and practices across contexts

What You’ll Do

For this assignment, youll identify the central elements of the Information Architecture Ecology model in a website of your choice. Create a document that answers each of the questions below. Organize your document into the same parts/sections as the assignment questions.

Part 1: Your Website

Q1: What is the url of the website you will evaluate for this assignment?

Part 2: Context

Q2: Whose website is this? Name the organization or person responsible for the site.

Q3: Put yourself in the shoes of the websites creators. Why does this organization or person need a website? Think in terms of their organizational mission, profit motive, publicity, etc. … there might be more than one reason! Make sure you answer from the perspective of the providers motives and not the needs of the web sites visitors/users. (1-2 sentences)

Part 3: Content

Q4: What kind of content makes up this sites collection (e.g., information, products, social media or blog posts, games, etc.)? (table or bulleted list of content types)

Q5: How is the content organized? Explain any categories, sections, or other organizational techniques you see. (2-3 sentences)

Q6: Do you think the site has done a good job of organizing its content? Explain your answer. Include at  least one screenshot that depicts a strength or weakness you found. (1-2 sentences)

Part 4: Users

Q7: Identify the primary target users for this site. Identify at least one secondary user population who might use the site. (1-2 sentences)

Q8: Name two tasks that a primary user might want to accomplish on this site. (2 sentences)

Q9: Name one task that a secondary user might want to accomplish. (1 sentence)

Q10: Put yourself in the shoes of a user. Do you think the site accommodates the kinds of tasks and information users would expect here? Explain your answer. (1-2 sentences)

 Grading Criteria

  • Each question is worth 10 points
  • Questions will be scored based on:
    • The extent to which the answer addresses the question 
    • The extend to which the answer adheres to the length guidelines
    • The accuracy of the answer’s application of information architecture concept
    • The clarity of the writing and accuracy of grammar and spelling