International Human Resources

As member of your organization’s human resource team, you have been asked to look into establishing human resource operation in a country of your choosing.  You will prepare a report that is inclusive of the following elements:

  • Your chosen country’s labor market
  • Workforce security concerns
  • Describe and justify your recommended staffing strategy
  • Strategy or process for employee engagement—consider structure, e.g. face-to-face, telecommute, remote workers, etc.
  • The number of and type (i.e. skill and position) of expatriates required; make sure you include a discussion on possible concerns from cultural training, repatriation, moving, family, etc. 
  • Describe the country’s culture.  Some of the elements you might consider are cultural influences on business, languages spoken, neighboring countries, status of diplomatic relations, financial institutions exist (e.g. banking), education, medical, and food.
  • Describe the legal environment that would directly affect the managing of the workforce. Some of the things you might consider membership in any trade treaties or of the European Commission, employment regulations, statutory benefits, labor unions, employment taxes (both individual and employer), and immigration requirements.
  • Ethic and social responsibility concerns

In your summary and conclusions, or in a separate paragraph prior, make sure you include a discussion on the appropriate HR structure to comply the country’s legal and cultural requirements.