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Instructions (Criminal Justice)

Project 2 – Research Paper       

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper. 


You are employed on the staff of the Association for Municipal Cities, a think-tank organization of researchers who take on projects for various mayors and city managers. You specialize in research on the organization and operation of the police department. The Leagues latest client is the City of Virtual.

The Virtual City Police Department was created 63 years ago. The department has emerged as one of the primary policing agencies in the state. It has become a modern police department with 155 sworn officers. There are 70 civilian employees appointed to positions ranging from clerical support to correctional officers to crime scene technicians. The department is considered medium size in the spectrum of police departments across the country. (The organizational chart is the same as the chart for Project 1.)

The Mayor of the City of Virtual, and the Chief of the Virtual City Police Department are considering adopting Conducted Energy Weapons, for use by the members of the Virtual Police Department. As there are significant concerns with these weapons, the Mayor and Chief have want to have a full understanding of the issues related to using Conducted Energy Weapons,

The Mayor has asked the League to prepare a literature-research position paper for her on moving forward with this proposal (or not) based on the pros and cons uncovered in your research. She may ultimately use this objective research document as part of her portfolio on the appropriate use of technology in support of public safety. 

Conducted Energy Weapons are more commonly known by the brand name of TASER, which is sold by a company known as Axon. However, there are many manufactures making these weapons.

As this paper is intended for the Mayor to decide to implement a Conducted Energy Weapon program, so there is no reason to recommend a specific device for adoption.

Clearly, should the Mayor decide to adopt a Conducted Energy Weapon program, the Use of Force polices and training must be updated. This also does not need to be discussed in the paper.


As a member of the staff of the Association for Municipal Cities, you have been assigned to prepare a research paper for the Mayor of Virtual City on implementing a Conducted Energy Weapon program for the Virtual City Police Department. She has asked that you present both the pros and cons as objectively as possible. 

Your personal recommendation is not part of this research report.

In this instance, the cost is not an issue.

 Formatting requirements: 

Format Requirements

  • Paper must be double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font and 1 margins all around.
  • All APA 7th edition format requirements must be followed (cover page, in text citations, reference page). Refer to APA/UMGC – learning resources found in the content page of this course.
  • You must have resources to support your thoughts/opinions/information.  These must be cited both in text as well as at the end of the document. Your paper should not contain direct quotes, sourced material must be paraphrased.
  • At least 4 external sources; 2 supporting police use of Conducted Energy Weapons and 2 against them.