Marketing Collateral

Week 8 Assignment 


Now that you have completed the primary market research, profiled your customers and competitors, and discussed the features, benefits, and differentiation of your provider’s service, you can roll up your sleeves and get creative by designing a visual treatment that will accompany your campaign.


It is often helpful to visualize where your work will lead, and you are anxious to get a feel for what your marketing campaign might look like. 
Imagine that you are about to wrap up your marketing campaign pitch and want to end your data and content information with a flourish- a 
visual that embodies and expresses the entire marketing plan. This flourish or visual would be the last slide of your presentationthe icing on 
the cake of your marketing campaign. You want to create some sizzle and transform the abstract into something the client can see. Remember, you may not be ready for the final marketing deliverable, but your work here could help crystallize your thoughts as you complete your 
marketing plan.

Keep in mind, the more cleverly you incorporate elements of your current plans and findings into your digital media piece, the more effective your final product will be. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your visual:
  • Branding.
  • A call to action.
  • Visual interest.
  • Ways to convert users.
  • Customers, competition, and value proposition.
  • A Facebook Marketplace listing.
  • An Instagram image.
  • A YouTube video.
  • A GIF for an advertisement.
  • A Facebook company homepage mock-up.


Create a piece of marketing collateral in the medium of your choice that is appropriate for the customer, the service, and the campaign you are formulating. Include a caption or notes that describe how the work will be depicted. Include:
  • Who is the target market or customer?
  • Where will this visual be displayed?
  • How will the customer get to it or access the marketing collateral?
  • Where will this visual lead to if acted upon (i.e. if clicked on or interacted with in some way).
  • The ultimate purpose or goal.
Be creative and have fun!
Your work will be graded by the following criteria:
  • Design a piece of marketing collateral that effectively reflects and supports marketing planning.
  • Describe specified elements as they relate to your marketing collateral.

Additional Requirements

  • Paste your work into a Word Document or PowerPoint file for submission.