Microeconomics during COVID 19 in relation to Sunny Day Technology

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to conduct business remotely rather than in office buildings. In many cases, these companies found it more cost-effective to remain working remotely after the pandemic. Fees for building rentals, electricity, and other expenses are not present when employees work from their homes. One challenge faced by this change in business practice is communication. Employees can no longer walk across the hall, or peek over their cubicle walls, to ask for clarification from their coworker about an issue. More Sunny Day Technology took advantage of this situation to develop and market new computer software to help corporations develop effective communication between virtual employees. Use the knowledge you’ve gained in this and previous Units to answer the following questions. Support your response by providing examples and details.
  • How can More Sunny Day Technology Company market the right price for its new product?
  • How can you comprehend the price elasticity for this type of product in the current economic market? 
  • What or who is the competition? Why?