Parens Patriae and Due Process

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The role of parens patriae in contemporary America is better than it was 50 years ago. The cost of raising a child became a key factor into why children in the foster program was a growing community. Most juvenile justice systems adjudicate cases involving three major classes of juveniles: abused and neglected children, status offenders, and juvenile delinquents. (Jams, 2019) The government gradually stepped in and made it so that their were benefits involved when someone adopted multiple children in order to keep brothers and sisters together. Sometimes, it is more than necessary for the government to step in and use the power that they have to remove people from the environment that they are in. A great example of parens patriae is the story of young Kate Patton (me). When she and her 3 other sisters were young, the government decided that the place that they were living in was not the life that they should live. Their mother was a drug addict, alcoholic, and prostitute and came home with a new guy every night. Often times, the children were left home alone, unsupervised leaving the oldest sister to take care of her siblings instead of going to school like she should have been able to do. All it took was a couple calls from neighbors and social services visiting the home once, for the government to step in and take the children out of their abusive home. With out the forcefulness of the government, the lives of these 4 young women would be unknown. They all grew up to be bright young women and serving in the military because the state of Maryland decided that enough was enough. The legal or ethical issues that surround parens patriae can be either/or. Often times, when the government is the one stepping in and removing people from their homes, it is for a good reason or they were given ample chances. In the Bible it says in John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (ESV, n.d.) God loved the world so much that he sent his own Son to die for everyone. This is the kind of love that should be shown for those who do not have a say of who raises them or takes care of them. Christians should be jumping on the opportunity to give another person, young, old, abled, or disabled a chance at doing great things in life. The reason that crime is so prevalent in the world of young people is that their legal guardians are failing to teach them about the world because they were never taught themselves. Young people today want so desperately to be seen and heard yet instead of finding platforms in which are not harmful to others, they react in such a way that may baffle even themselves. The privileges and freedoms the Constitution affords parents (and guardians) to mold children in the parents’ and guardians’ images and values is foundational to adult civil rights and liberal democracy. (n.d.) All this to say, parens patriae, although sad and eyeopening, is probably the most effective way to prevent even worse things from happening, and gives them the opportunity to start a new. 

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