Performance Management Analysis

Performance Management Analysis:

This writing assignment requires you to analyze an organization’s approach to managing performance. It can be your own organization or if you prefer you may instead conduct the analysis on a past position you have held or another person’s job via a thorough interview process and data gathering.  Based on your analysis, include and propose a few HRM-based recommendations or solutions using the six- step performance management process covered in the course HRM textbook to take advantage of present and/or future opportunities that you forecast in your (or other’s) job/position.  Be sure to lay out your paper in a manner that allows you to highlight, describe and specifically walk through each step of the six-step process in your analysis


Your analysis may identify key indications of mis-aligned processes, and thus you can develop recommendations for future organizational improvement via strategic Human Resource Management practices. It is not necessary to identify a specific shortcoming of the organization’s performance management but to apply this model to a real-life situation. 


The purpose of this analysis is to provide an opportunity to apply what you have read and has been discussed in class to the real world, linking theory and practice.  This analysis paper is due in Week 5 and equals 25% of your grade.  Grades will be based on completeness, quality of the analysis and use of examples, mix of theory and practical application, insightfulness, and technical quality of the writing as well as presentation of the written analysis.  Each paper should be double spaced and about 6-7 pages long.  It is expected that each paper has been edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting.  Be sure to include examples and to explain your reasoning.  Your paper should include your analysis, application of each of the six-steps and a few recommendations for improvement.