Professional Communication in Social work practise

Read the chapters by Corcoran and Seden and watch the video about motivational interviewing. 

Write a 3-page essay (remember referencing). In your essay:

  1. describe the professional communication techniques and skills required from a social service worker (name the skills and techniques and explain them) and
  2. choose two skills and justify why they are important in client work
  3. reflect: which of the skills and techniques might be easy for you and which skills and techniques might be challenging for you and why.

Materials to be read and watched for the assignment:

  • Corcoran, J. (2011). . Oxford University Press. (Pages 3-59).
  • Seden, J. (2005). . Open University Press. (Pages 1-57).
  • Seden, J. (2013). Interviewing and Relationship Skills. In Davies, M. (ed.). The . (Pages 355-365). Wiley-Blackwell.