provide 8 -10 sources

he weekly virtual meetings in this course is scheduled to provide an opportunity for members of each team to meet, discuss, plan, organize tasks, and monitor the team project progress on a weekly basis.
Week 3 project activities:
  1. Project instructions: Please refer to project instructions on the course menu and carefully read the project instructions before this week virtual meeting. In addition, I encourage you to have a look at the sample report to get some ideas on what is a good project report.
  2. Data Collection: Please make sure to plan and start gathering data/information for your project!
  • As you may know the saying, garbage in, garbage out, you need a comprehensive and unbiased data source for a reasonable analysis with convening argument.
  • Please refer to the project instructions (including the table of the content for your project report) to find what types of data/information you need to collect. Examples of such content areas of the data collection for Part I of your report may include: 1) Company history; 2) Current status of the company in terms of market and financial standing; 3) Company strategies (past and current); 4) Industrial status and trends; 5) Strategies of its competitors; and so on.
  • Proper data/information may come from: the company official website, Reports and analysis from third renowned parties, or news from trading and academic journals. You may start your search using Google or other search engines. Another important source is the online resources in UHV library. Remember that you need to logon to the UHV libraries using your UHV account number and password. Keep in mind that when you gather data/information from different sources (either they are URL links or text), make sure you save the proper citation according to APA style.
  • You may want to consider using the discussion forum in your group on the blackboard and use the file exchange service for your team on the BB. Alternatively, you may want to share the collected data for your project using other services such as
Assignment: Data/information collection list
  1. Please compile a list of 8-10 data/information sources which you believe are valuable for your project analysis. 
  2. For each information source, please provide a description in one sentence.
  3. Please use Word or Excel format and submit your assignment on the next page of this module.
please see the example attached. 
I do not need a paper just sources.
Please let me know if youh have any questions