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After reading the Week 3 assigned Chapters 10-13, complete the following case assignment in a Microsoft Word Document using APA Format.
Please read the Case in the News, DTE Energy Ignites Employees with a Shared Sense of Purpose, at the end of Chapter 13 on pages 401-403 in the textbook, and answer the Questions for Discussion (1-3) that follow it.
Type all answers in a Microsoft Word Document set up in APA 7th ed. format, and submit it via the assignment link above by Sunday of Week 3 by 11:59 PM ET. Please do not submit your paper in Pages or PDF format.
Please read each question carefully and answer all the questions in their entirety. It is required to support your responses with information from the sources you used by providing APA 7th ed. format in-text citations. Direct quotes are not accepted. All information is required to be paraphrased in your words and cited from the source(s) appropriately. 
When citing information from the Case Study article provide the course textbook as your source. You should also research journal articles in the Online Keiser Library to use a sources to support your responses.
Please note: It is required to provide all the sources you used in your reference list in correct APA 7th ed. format. It is also required to cite all the information you provide from your sources in correct APA 7th ed. format using in-text parenthetical and/or narrative citations. All sources are required to be published from 2012 to present.
The following sources are NOT accepted: Wikipedia, Wiki websites, Blogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, online books or textbooks, other books or textbooks, other students’ papers found in online websites, online essays, job search websites, student dissertations, White Pages, videos, and non-professional websites.  
Use the questions as your APA Level 1 Topic Headings.
Please read and follow the grading rubric below in an effort to earn full credit for your work.