Researchthe Solutionssolution Justificationcontrar

Researchthe Solutionssolution Justificationcontrar

POL 500 9-1 Final Project Paper


You will choose a contemporary political issue and propose a solution informed by your conception of the public good. You will have the opportunity to take a position on both your understanding of the public good and what you believe is the most effective solution to the problem you have chosen. Support for your positions will be drawn from scholarly, academic sources. You will be required to find sources examining the problem from diverse methodological perspectives using both qualitative and quantitative methods. You will evaluate the overall effectiveness of these methods in analyzing the issue. You will also be required to evaluate the findings presented in the sources you choose and whether the authors’ methodologies conform to ethical guidelines governing social science research. In order to promote a well-rounded analysis of the issue, you will be required to analyze sources that present a perspective contrary to the solution you propose and evaluate these arguments in an even-handed manner. This project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions.

The contemporary political issue I have choose is Prisons Overcrowding

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After reviewing the Milestone One – Short Paper, I found problems related to the failure to use headings and subheadings was most prevalent among the assignment submissions. Therefore, in order to assist you in organizing the Final Project Paper, I recommend the following headings and subheadings:

A Personal Theory of Public Good

  • Concept of Public Good
  • Broad Theoretical Discourse
  • Benefits, Costs, and Trade-Offs

The Problem

  • Contemporary Political Issue
  • Relevance to Real-World Political Practice
  • Most Relevant Population

The Research

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Sources
  • Methodological Perspectives
  • Political Research Approach
  • Ethical Implications of the Research

The Solutions

  • Solution Justification
  • Contrary Proposed Solutions
  • Best Practices


  • Ethical Implications of the Solution
  • Best Solution Benefiting Public Good

Please be advised, I based my proposal on the Final Project Paper Rubric, found below. The Final Project Paper is worth a total of 300 points; the range is between 5 points and 10 points for each subheading, and an additional 5 points for “Articulation of Response.” The Final Project Paper Rubric’s content requirement is as follows:

Final Project Paper Rubric – 300 points

Requirements of Submission: Students should submit a well-developed analysis of a contemporary political issue. The paper should be 12–15 pages in length and include 8–10 references (peer-reviewed, scholarly research).

For additional details, please refer to the Final Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.