The effects of Racism

Please do your research from Galileo and Jstor.  

This assignment is designed to 1) get you thinking about your Integration Project topics, and, 2) familiarize you with electronic databases.

 For this assignment, you need to pick a social science topic (see the list of potential topics), and then use an electronic database to find two articles related to your topic.

Part of this assignment is narrowing down your topic to something manageable, without making it too narrow.  You start broad say family violence and look at the literature.  The more you look the better idea you will have as to the specific direction you wish to go.

 As you browse, ask yourself what you need to know to narrow your topic, and what are the subfields, or categories of your broad topic.  Continue to refine and narrow your search.

 The assignment deliverables (what you are submitting):

1) Find two refereed articles using electronic databases

2) For each article

a. provide the full citation in APA format 

b. write a brief summary

c. describe how the article pertains to your chosen topic

d. discuss what you learned from the article

e. discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article

f. submit your work in drop box.