Topic 2 DQ 2 Compare the physical assessment of a child to that of an adult

Compare the physical assessment of a child to that of an adult. In addition to describing the similar/different aspects of the physical assessment,            explain how the nurse would offer instruction during the assessment, how communication would be adapted to offer explanations, and what strategies the nurse would      use to encourage engagement.

Your responses to DQs integrate course theories with a practical application of the subject, perhaps by offering a personal observation or experience, or by referencing real-world examples, current events, or further research you did on the topic.Your responses to each DQ are at least 300 words, include at least two references, one of which should be a peer-reviewed article, and correct citation.   This means your responses to the DQs must include references and APA formatted, in-text citation of any sources used.        (A “peer-reviewed article” is an article that is submitted to a Professional Journal for publication. Prior to the publication, the article is reviewed by “peers” or experts in the field. If they agree with the information being presented, then the journal will publish the article. The GCU library is an excellent resource for peer-reviewed articles.)