Topic 5 Assessment 2

  • We must never forget that the BIGGEST difference-maker in any classroom is not the technology, but instead is the teacher.  A caring adult that provides a structured learning environment where kids feel safe to share their opinions is the recipe all schools need to be following if they want to see true success from those leaving after graduation.  That said, we also know technology, when blended properly into that environment can be a powerful motivator / teaching tool.  Below are some characteristics of highly effective teachers.  In 3-4 paragraphs, please explain how technology could enhance these characteristics.  What types / styles of technology might fit well into these approaches? 
    • Characteristics of Highly Effective Teachers:
      • Connections with BOTH the students and adults in the building.
      • Communicating with both parents and community outside of the building.
      • Getting kids excited about learning and getting them to WANT to show up at school every day.
      • Understanding they wont care about how much you know until they know how much you care.  Its always been, and will always be, about relationships.
      • Finding creative ways to communicate/teach your content or message in a manner that will spark, inspire, stir, or enlighten. Set HIGH expectations!
      • Making sure kids are the center focal point of any decision-making process.