U5:L9 The Daily Moth

U5:L9 The Daily Moth 

Each week you are responsible for watching and responding to at least 1 news story presented on The Daily Moth (Links to an external site.) for that week. You can choose news stories from either the Deaf News (Links to an external site.) or Top Stories (Links to an external site.) tabs.  In your response you will reflect on the following:

  • Summarize the content of your chosen news story.
  • What new ASL concepts or signs did you pick up while watching your chosen news story?
  • What Deaf community perspectives differed from Hearing community perspectives of your chosen story (If referring to other news source articles/stories please cite the article/story)

Your response may be submitted in either a 2-page (12 point Arial Font, Single-spaced) written format following the template provided or by submitting a video upload in which you verbally discuss the same information provided in the written format template.  

The Daily Moth Template.docx