Undercover Formal Report

  1. Create a formal report: Based on your experience in the past and your site visits during this class, create a formal report about the organizations culture for the CEO and his council. Use each lettered action item below as a heading in your document. Also, provide a brief introduction and conclusion. Reference scholarly literature to support your descriptions and explanations. The CEO would like a professional document of your experience in APA format (7 – 8 pages in length).
    1. Organizational mission: Include the organizations actual mission statement and compare and contrast it with the one you wrote in Module 4 based on what you observed. Include a vision statement, if one was identified in your research.
    2. Competitive edge: Describe whether the organizations culture, based on your experiences, contributes to or detracts from a competitive edge and the overall performance of the company in its industry (e.g., Are there actions leadership takesor seems to takethat make strategic execution and implementation more effective or not? Explain. (See Chapter 2 – especially Figures 2.1 and 2.2 for guidance and information).
    3. Strong or adaptive culture: Reflect on the organizations form of culture (based on your interactions) and discuss whether you see it as a strong culture (non-adaptive and not open to change) or an adaptive culture (open to innovation, change, and is flexible). Provide examples (see Chapter 3). Remember: adaptive cultures are ones that typically exhibit high flexibility in operations and openness to new and innovative ideas. Strong cultures are generally rigid and prefer maintaining operations as they have been in the past.
    4. Ongoing effectiveness: Discuss the actions you see leadership performing (or that they should perform) that would ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the organizations culture (e.g., high and effective communication, supporting behaviors and actions, proper policies). Remember, you will have to make assumptions based on what you have been able to observe and your experience as a customer in harmony with feedback from your interview with a key manager. Explain whether the actions you identified align and fit with the culture you observed, e.g., are there gaps, areas for improvement? Are there actions that were truly impressive as reflecting the culture, values, morale, and leadership working in harmony?
    • Note: If you feel that leadership is failing to perform needed actions, identify and describe actions you feel that should be performed to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the organization’s culture. If you feel leadership is performing well, state this and explain why. Justify the fit and alignment you see in the actions you suggest.
    1. Culture cycle: Review the Culture Cycle visual (see Figure 6.1 in your text). From the nine core cycle elements shown, select at minimum two causes and two effects you believe the organization could either improve upon or does in an exemplary manner. Justify your responses with specific examples from your previous experience with the organizations and from your observations during this course.
    2. Strategy, performance, and culture: Refer to Figures 13.1 and 13.2 (The Role of Leadership in the Culture Cycle) in your text. Based on these figures and the action steps noted on pages 297 and 298 of your text, explain the most important steps and actions the CEO should take as the top leader to improve the connection and effective interplay in the organization between organizational culture, strategy, and strategic performance (execution). Justify your responses. Do you agree with what the manager/supervisor said or do you see things differently based on your observations? Explain. Make recommendations from your observations, interactions, and assessment work.
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